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 DAPE co. ltd. has been operating in the Czech market for 22 years and historically it is the first Czech manufacturer and supplier of thermal reflective and vapour-proof insulations, that are produced as a formation of polyethylene air- bubble foils or formation of foam layers and polished aluminium foils.

Thermal insulations have been produced in purely Czech plant in a town called Tišnov since 1991 and years of experience are significantly reflected in continuous improvement of their parameters and creation of new types with different possibilities of use.

By long-term research and development, DAPE company in collaboration with renowned experts managed to launch several types of thermal insulations that are highly effective in many applications and uses.

Unlike conventional thermal insulations, DAPE reflexive insulations have significant thermal-insulation effect which is due to high reflectivity of thermal radiation on very thin aluminium surfaces and at the same time serves as a vapour barrier (prevents from penetration of vapour into roof and wall constructions).


Benefits of DAPE insulations

  • Czech products with more than 20-year tradition
  • Certificated and field proved products
  • Energy and finance saving (3 in 1 - high ability of thermal insulation, vapour- proof insulation and reflection in one product) With the help of DAPE vapour-proof thermal insulation and air- gap, the heat radiating component is by 95% returned to the interior, thus leading to an increase in thermal resistance of structures. In summer in the contrary, thanks to the reflective qualities of DAPE thermal insulation, the  interior is protected against overheating (loft apartments and rooms)
  • Interruption of thermal bridges across the rafters – there is no need for thermal insulation of mineral or glass fibres under the rafters = saving for this isolation
  • possibility of electrical wiring in the air- gap before the DAPE vapour- thermal insulation - no mechanical damage of vapour barrier by puncture
  • DAPE vapour - thermal insulation is not in contact with the layer of view - a truly vapour layer without perforation of ceiling fasteners
  • Possibility of correct ending of vapour barrier on the wall is done by sealing tapes on the vapour barrier – masonry junction and by pressure strip or the sealant .The classical ceiling performance directly on the vapour barrier is difficult to be done and there may be a leak of water vapour into thermal insulation in the roof
  • reduction of interior overheating in summer – type ABA, ARKTIK,ANTARKTIK, POLAR
  • space saving- small thickness of insulation (up to 6 times thinner than conventional insulation) with high insulation capacity
  • simple applications (especially useful for DIYers
  • Less labour intensive due to the combination of two materials in one
  • low surface weight
  • complete solution including supplements
  • moisture-resisting, high durability (no aging when conditions are stable)
  •  universal use (roofs, floors, walls, ceilings)
  • highly flexible design (foil can easily adapt to any shape)
  • safe and fully recyclable products



DAPE insulations can be used in the following areas:

  •  thermal insulation of roofs, floors, halls (also inflatable sports halls, warehouses, etc.)
  • thermal insulation of wooden wall buildings
  • thermal insulation of residential containers
  • thermal insulation from side of interior
  • floor construction( under floor heating pipes)
  • behind heating
  • as additional insulation to the main thermal insulation
  • multiple uses in breeding ( bee keeping, poultry and cattle keeping, rabbit hutches, stables, hunting )
  • thermal insulation of greenhouses


Customer service

DAPE Company Ltd. provides free technical assessment of thermal processing structures - calculation of thermal process heat U (Wm2/K) and water vapour balance in the proposed design.


The basic division of DAPE thermal insulation

1st group (insulations for roof and wall constructions)

Vapour proof thermal insulation whose thermal insulation is formed by bubble foil and melted aluminium foil

Type ABTechnical parameters

Type ABA - Technical parameters


2nd group (insulations for floor constructions)

Vapour heat insulation whose thermal insulation is formed by PE foam and melted aluminium foil

Type AP3 - Technical parameters

Type AP5 - Technical parameters


3rd group (insulation for roof and wall constructions)

Multi-layer reflective foil, where are layers with melted aluminium foils and folded layers without melted aluminium foil

Type ARKTIK - Technical parameters

Type POLAR+ - Technical parameters

Type ANTARKTIK - Technical parameters


Type of DAPE Insulations Thermal resistance (m²K/W) can replace (the conventional type of insulation)
AB 1,11 m²K/W 30-50 mm
ABA 1,31 m²K/W 50-70 mm
AP3 0,90 m²K/W 30-40 mm
AP5 1,10 m²K/W 30-50 mm
ARKTIK 2,14 m²K/W 70-100 mm
ANTARKTIK 2,60 m²K/W 100-140 mm
POLAR+ 4,20 m²K/W 160-200 mm


Basic overview of using different types of PAPE insulation

Vapour-proof thermal insulation with reflective effects DAPE - monolayer

Type AB, ABA - roof, wooden walls, insulation from the side of interior

Type AP3, AP5 - floor structure, roof, wooden walls, insulation from the side of interior


DAPE Vapour-proof thermal insulation with reflective effects – multilayer

Type ARKTIK, ANTARKTIK, POLAR+ - roof, wooden walls, insulation from the side of interior or exterior


Price list


The DAPE thermal insulation is a synonym for quality Czech aluminium insulation systems



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